Jamal Rasool

Welcome in, my name is Jamal and this is my story.

I'm the co-founder of the startup Veve, specialising in development for web, mobile and design products.

Originally from Japan, I've traveled the globe exploring different cultues, and meeting diverse groups of people. This transformation has made me become the very person I am today as I coast along the diverse trends that exist within our society.

I love nurturing great ideas into beautiful, functional, and profitable digital products. For over 5 years I’ve had the pleasure to work with agencies, start-ups and other companies across the globe on a wide range of projects — from the mobile UI/UX for an restaurant reservation system, to App Store featured mobile apps. Most recently I have been making great strides in building my personal startup Veve with currently 15+ employees.

In 2018, I explored the Hackathon scene in which I personally participated in 4 different hackathon's over the year exploring how each and every one interacts. With this knowledge I'm planning on introducing some of the concepts I learned into Texas State.

Alongside design and being student, I like to spend my time travelling, taking photos, creating portraits to photograph, and jamming to EDM.

Have a good one 😘. If you want to send me a shout!

Brand Experience.

Bestbuy, Veve, Lookin Good, Brix + Brine, Commuter, Ailez, Agape Bengals, American Airlines, TRW, Clicktogether, Experian, Whitbread and many more.

Core Skillset.

Art Direction, Illustration, Mobile App Design, Mobile Development, Web App Design, Animation, Photography, Cinematography, Full-Stack Development, and Music Production.


Good design is good business. It’s not only about beauty, it has to work. Never not learning. There’s always something new to learn.Get to the root of the problem. To come up with the best solution. Keep it simple. Why make it complicated?


Swift, Objective-C, Javascript ES6, React, Gatsby, Vue, SASS, x86 Assembly, C, C++, Java, and Python.